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Looking SHARP Band

There were accolades and compliments galore directed toward the Band for their performance at the Dora game Friday night.  School Administrators, Board members, parents and other students were found talking about the pride they had for "our" Band.  The Band looked good and performed good - we even had a little ambulance excitement thanks to the Color Guard.  The Band looked SHARP as they marched onto the field and performed their "Intro" into the stadium with their performance of "Big Red" , which was well received by all and might become a Haleyville tradition at our home games.

Friday was also the introduction of several new Band Booster activities including; our new trailer with the new band logo, which everybody seems to like, the Spirit Store was well managed and a great success, and the introduction of the "gift giveaway" prizes from local merchants looks like it has caught on as well.  The Football Programs sold well with many compliments about its' high quality and the addition of the inserts which is adding a little more interest in the game.  And let's not forget, this was the proud introduction of our new Band Director, Mr. Reggie Tolbert, to the Haleyville community as well.  Great job Mr. T., we know it was not easy.  All in all it sure looks like the band program overall is moving in an exciting new direction. 

Congratulations go to all who participated in making this Friday such a memorable and impressive night.

****   WATER STILL NEEDED   ****

All parents are asked to bring ONE CASE of water to the band room this month during the Marching season. Leave the cases in the foyer entrance to the band room and we will put them in a secure location.

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